Bozeman Residence


We approach sustainability as an act of responsible stewardship of our environment and an integral part of our practice. We seek to incorporate a holistic view of sustainability into our projects, balancing environmental, design, and budget goals. We take a rational approach to the initial investment in energy systems combined with a logical, climate appropriate design of the envelope. Materials are considered for durability, low embodied energy, maintenance requirements, life cycle cost, and their affect on indoor air quality. Construction techniques and processes are reviewed to insure the realization of the sustainable goals of the project.

Recent examples of systems and techniques we have used in our projects include:

  • Ground source heat pump combined with radiant flooring
  • Increased envelope insulation combined with triple pane windows
  • Rain screen exterior siding assembly
  • Heat recovery ventilator
  • Building orientation and design to maximize solar heating and shading
  • Materials that are salvaged, or have recycled content.
  • Green roof
  • Solar hot water
  • Grey water recycling
  • Rain water catchment