Laurelhurst Kitchen


"We absolutely love our new kitchen – and the rest of the new space. This house finally feels like ours – THANK YOU for helping make our visions come to reality."
KA, Wallingford

"We liked everything about our home and would have lived there a lifetime...We also wanted you to know there were many compliments from people touring our home. They were so impressed with the design and quality of materials chosen. They also thought you did an exceptional job of updating in yet still respecting the period of the home. You really did an incredible job!"
KW, Queen Anne

"I'm really loving the new spaces you designed for me. Everything about the project, from strengthening that corner of the house with the new garage foundation, to solving the conundrum of what to do with the old garage, to actually ending up with a nice little patio back there and a 'real' garage and shed, to solving the long term issue of that old crappy laundry room, enormously improved the whole property. It's also really nice having that big patio door at the base of the stairs letting light into that room, as well as solving my old foot traffic problem just getting outside. There's really no way to overstate how much better it is."
MH, Ballard

“We love our house more than we imagined. It has quickly become home. The more we live in it, the more we appreciate the thought and detail you put into the designs!“
WW, Phinney Ridge

“I wanted you to know that I have appreciated and enjoyed every interaction we have had and have nothing but respect and admiration for your knowledge, creativity and diligence. You are simply the best.

GS, Laurelhurst

I looked around my beautiful kitchen and felt two things 1. I was excited by the size and all the neat things that would be in it and 2. Wow! This is a great design you came up with! I am not surprised; you did an awesome job on the upstairs, but it just really lifted my spirits to walk into the kitchen.”

AS, Magnolia

“Thanks again for all the hard work you put into our house. We're very pleased and excited about it. As I mentioned, we get a lot of comments on how nice it looks and how great the detail is. Everyone appreciates how it fits so nicely into the neighborhood!”

JC Montlake

“You did a fabulous job on the design, the details and working with [the contractor]. We are very happy with this house and I tell people we felt the project went very smoothly and give credit to you. We have been loving the house. We had 11 people for Thanksgiving … It was the first time I've ever done the whole meal. It went really well and it is cozy and efficient in here. The kitchen is definitely the center of the universe.”

CL, Laurelhurst

“It's funny, there is not a night that goes by when I'm out watering the landscape, that someone doesn't stop and say ‘Your house is amazing!’ It makes me feel both lucky and proud.

JG, Phinney Ridge

“We both really appreciate your design work everyday and I am happy to refer friends to you. You did great work for us!”

DP, Mount Baker

“You’ve been a lifesaver in this entire process. Just wanted to say thanks.”

ML, Queen Anne

“Just a quick note to tell you how much I really appreciate your great detailed work. Goforth Gill Architects comes highly recommended by me.”

JM, Magnolia

“Thanks again for all your help and counsel and good humor and good ideas. We have gotten so many compliments on our home… from complete strangers… to the neighbors ... to our family and friends. Every time we get a compliment on our house we think of you. You did an outstanding job”

JY, Northgate

“I cannot tell you how many times over the last two months, as we've settled in to the house, that we have turned to each other and said, "Kim is a genius.” We think your eye for space, practicality and design are absolutely extraordinary.”
GS, Mount Baker